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Pre-Civil War engraving of the waterside defenses of Fort Hamilton with Denyse's wharf in the foreground. The embrasures for the casemated seacoast guns and the guns mounted on the barbette tier are clearly visible.
Thirty two (32) pounder seacoast guns mounted in barbette faced the Narrows. Fourteen more guns were mounted in shell proof casemates just below them.
Photo of the Fort's waterside defenses around 1870. All of these were destroyed around 1900 to make way for two 12 disappearing breech loading rifles and the massive concrete fortifications that protected them.
A late 19th century artist rendition of the Narrows forts showing Fort Lafayette (left) and Fort Hamilton (right). Fort Lafayette was destroyed in 1959 and a tower of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was built in its place.
Fort Hamilton Time Line