Kings County Memorial Day Parade
New York City's Oldest Continously Held Memorial Day Observance.

Harbor Defense Museum staff and volunteers turned out to honor the nation's veterans at this well attended Bay Ridge parade. Dressed as Continental soldiers who fought in the Battle of Long Island, WWI Doughboys of New York's 27th Division, and including a real Desert Storm veteran (museum staff member SSG Donald Sbordone) the group marched from 80th Street to the reviewing stand on Fort Hamilton's Doubleday Field. After the ceremonies and the raising of the garrison flag, the marchers were treated to an Army band concert and the U.S.O. performance.
Museum participation in the parade is an annual event and those interested in marching in historic uniform to honor our country's soldiers are encouraged to join us.

Looking smart at the start, depicting Smallwood's Marylanders, Thompson's 1st Pennsylvania Riflemen (black slouch hat and hunting shirt), 107th Regiment doughboys and the U.S. Army Reserve logistics troops of Desert Storm.
Continentals at the Caponier door. Contrary to popular belief the American Army in 1776 was not clad in blue. At this time most soldiers did not posses the fine, colorful, regimental coats that appeared later in the war. Most wore the hunting shirts and frocks depicted at center and right. The mark of a military man was the black cockade on his hat. Sometimes this was the only way to distinguish a soldier from a hunter or farmer.



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